Lolly Merry-Go-Round


Round You Go! Lollypop Merry-Go-Round. Spin the top and out comes your pop!
Made with FOOD SAFE materials. 


8+ Lollypops
Ideal to have at least one small shaft type to help insert the bigger lollypops


Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

Buy as a Sheet for $1.25

Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

Not Included

Lollipops nor physical decor.

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Step 1

Cardboard bends easily. Follow instruction for best assembly results. Always pluck out of cardboard sheet via the edges and bend at the bend lines. 

Step 2

Remove the wrapper along the edges without lifting the cardboard. 

Step 3

Remove the plastic window. 

Step 4

Using the your fingers underneath and thumb or hand above, push out the parts along the edges while avoding lifting much of the sheet. 

Step 5

Pop out the circle and center. Remove parts as shown. 

Step 6

Remove all internal pieces. See the yellow highlight as to what needs removed.  

Step 7

Bend as shown. Then pinch edge as shown. 

Step 8

Insert edge into slots just to hold in place as shown. Then little by little press down until no gaps between the base. 

Step 9

Flip base over and bend towards base edge only. Not toward center. 

Step 10

Place internal octagon over the top edge of the walls. Use fingers and thumbs to pull over the internal octagon over the top of the walls.

Then press around the wall edge little by little to the base until no gaps. 

Step 11

Line up the center octagon to the base center. Then press in along the wall edges until no gaps. You may need to pull the wall top edge to get the octagon to fit. 

Step 12

Bend along the edges. Fold to make a square as shown. 

Step 13

Hold and insert as shown until bottom is lined up to bottom base. It is okay if the bottom sticks out more than bottom.
Bend flaps toward base edge. 
Put on table and press around the edge of the shaft.

Step 14

Insert the flap rib as shown in empty slot. Then bend flaps toward edge. 
Obtain the last two ribs and insert the small portion into the base. 
Lastly, pinch the tops of each rib. 

Step 15

Insert rib supporter as shown until it rest on triangle supports. 

Step 16

Remove the two pieces if you did not do so yet.
Bend and press hard along the edges only. 

Step 17

Bend at 2 edges. Press hard. 

Step 18

Bend at 3 edges. Press hard. 
Gently bend tabs. 

Step 19

Gently bend tabs. 

Step 20

Lay the window as shown. This is your upward position. Bend the tabs in the upward position on their lines. Each tab has 2 lines. 

Step 21

Lay window as shown. Then pinch the door downward along its center line to make an angle as shown. 

Step 22

Lay window as shown. Then fold over as shown with the semi-circles outside. Slide the semi-circles into the cuts until the top and bottom of the window are straight. 

Step 23

Insert the top small tab into its cut as shown. 
Insert the middle tab into its cut as shown. 

Step 24

Make sure the top edge is straight. 

Step 25

Align the door direction to the left as shown. Make sure the tabs of the window are facing up 

Step 26

Insert back in first. Then press inward of the front. Then gently squeeze window tube until it fits in. 
Then flip and press down. 
Notice it was not forced all the way down. 

Step 27

Align the tabs with the cuts. Turn the window tube if needed. 
Then press the tube down so the tab can insert. May need to grab the wall of the tube inward and press down. 
Insert the tabs to flush with cardboard. 

Step 28

Insert assembly as shown. Fold and lock in place. 

Step 29

Push base circle in if showing. 

Fold and insert tabs as shown. Press hard on the tab edge as shown until the tabs don’t come back out.

Step 30

Gently fold inward the entire strip. 

Step 31

Slide slots together and insert strip slots on tabs. Then while holding the circle, press with finger the tabs to make sure the strip is flush to the tab edge. 

Step 32

Insert the ring back down in first followed by the front. Use the door to help pull out the wall. 

Step 33

Slide on as shown. Before going all the way down, make sure the walls are inside the outside strip. Move the shaft in the direction where the walls are outside the strip. 
Lastly, pinch and pull up until the two slots on the rips are shown. 

Step 34

Pinch the edges shown. Then line up and slide the key in the slots. 

Step 35

Insert the knob circles as shown.
Optional to insert the two square caps. 

Step 36

See Step Lollipop below for detailed instructions.

Using a small shaft lollipop, insert into the hole first with a slight tilt then straight in with a twisting action. 
Then insert the next size shaft if you want to insert a larger lollipop. 
Best to dull the bottom edge of the large lollipop shaft by pressing it on an angle on the table. That prevents from scrapping the cardboard. 

Step 37

Turn the knob clockwise for best turn results. Best to turn the knob without pulling the shaft. 

Feel free to add lollipop decor on the strip top. 

Step Decor

Click “What is” tab or scroll to the top and download the decor and print. 

Step Lollipop

Large lollipops should have the bottom edge dulled prior to insert.