Gum Stick Towers


I want a pack of gum! Yum. Spinning or Standing Still Towers of GUM!


24 5 Stick Pack Gum


Allergen: Contains Latex Rubber Bands
Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

Buy as a Sheet for $1.25

Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

Not Included

Gum, spray paint, nor physical decor.

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Assembly video showing from start to finish. See below for step-by-step assembly instructions. 


Step 1

Cardboard bends easily. Best to bend along the edge. Follow instructions for best assembly. 

Step 2

Remove wrapper along the edge of the cardboard without lifting the cardboard. 

Step 3

Remove the 3 windows and the rubber band package. 

Step 4

With one hand under using fingers, push up along the edge of part. With other hand on top or thumb, hold still or push down. Remove all parts.

Step 5

Remove the little pieces. See the yellow highlight for what to remove. 

Step 6

Bend at the 6 bend lines. Bend along the edges. 

Step 7

Bend at the 6 bend lines. Bend along the edges. 

Step 8

Reverse bend at the 1 bend line. Bend at the 2 bend lines. Bend along the edges. 

Step 9

Reverse bend at the 1 bend line. Bend at the 1 bend line. Bend along the edges. 

Step 10

Fold as shown. Slide 2 tabs into the 2 slots.  

Step 11

Fold as shown. 

Step 12

Bend at the two bend lines and fold. Stretch rubber band and place on as shown. 

Step 13

Place button through slot. 

Step 14

Best to do this on the table. Place the tab in the slot. 

Step 15

Fold the wall to align the 3 slots with the 3 tabs. Press slot area. 

Step 16

Wrap around and press tab through slot to be flush with bottom base (if sticking to far into the base, just push back up)

Step 17

Holding the side tabs with one hand and grabbing the button area with the other hand, bend slightly to straighten . 

Step 18

Pull the rubber band and to the right side of the notch edge. Finish with wedging end to the back cut. Then let go of the rubber band. 
Current design requires a center push. Future design may improve. 

Step 19

Bend and squeeze the bend edge of the side flaps.

Step 20

Bend on line in the direction that it was slightly folded. Press hard on the bend line. Repeat for all 4 bend lines. 

Step 21

Attempt to slightly bend until a rectangle shape is formed. 

Step 22

Insert window to the bottom edge of the side flaps. 

Step 23

Bend at the 3 bend lines. Bend along the edge. 

Step 24

Bend at the 3 bend lines. Bend along the edge. 

Step 25

Bend at the 6 bend lines. Bend along the edge. 

Step 26

Fold and insert tabs into slots as shown. Press the edges to help push the tabs into the slot. Repeat the other side. 

Step 27

Gently squeeze the window if needed and place on the cap. 

Step 28

Bend at the 2 bend lines. Fold and slide between the walls. Press to fit on the base. 

Step 29

Repeat Steps 4-28 for the other two towers. 
Feel free to use the towers without the spinner platform. 

Step 30

Bend at the 6 bend lines. Bend along the edge of the bend line. 

Step 31

Reverse bend the 3 stabilizer flaps and 3 triangular center points. 

Step 32

Bend at the 3 bend lines. Then pinch the tip of the 3 tabs. 

Step 33

Take out the ramps. Line up the slots. 

Step 34

Slide the tab through the slots. If the tab gets crushed, pinch the tab completely flat and try again. Feel free to help pull the tab through the slot by pinching it upwards once it peaks out of the slot. Then bend back the micro-tab. 
Preferred to do this on the table. If the window and/or cap falls off, just put it back on after. 

Step 35

Place the ramps back in. 

Step 36

Make sure the center points are reverse bend. To spin, make sure the stabilizers are not activated. If you want the platform to be stable, activate the stabilizers the same way over the edge of the table.

Congratulations! Enjoy your own Gum Stick Towers!