Candy Bar Vending


Childhood fun. Insert money and out comes a candy bar! No money needed here. Just turn the knob and out comes the candy bar!


6 Candy Bars


Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

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Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

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Step-by-step from start to finish assembly video. Pause the video if needed. See step-by-step detailed instructions below. 


Step 1

Cardboard bends easily. Best to follow how to pluck out parts edge. Ideal to bend at bend lines. Follow instructions for best assembly.

Step 2

With cardboard sheet on a flat surface, open the wrapper alongside its edge without lifting the cardboard. 

Step 3

Remove window and tape. Put aside. 

Step 4

Remove tape from wires. Remove the 3 wires. Hold the wire – not the hoop. Pull straight while holding cardboard as shown. 

Step 5

Remove parts from cardboard sheet. Remove along the edge underside with fingers pushing up while other hand holds top or pushing down. Same can be done with thumb. 

Step 6

Remove the 3 circles and all the small rectangles. Yellow highlight shows small rectangles to be removed. 

Step 7

Bend at bend lines. 3 bend lines here. Always bend close to bend line as possible and press edge. 

Step 8

Bend at bend lines. 3 bend lines here. Always bend close to bend line as possible and press edge. 

Step 9

Pinch the edge of the tabs as shown. This will help insert into slots.

Step 10

Fold like so. Insert bottom tab into bottom slot a little. Followed by middle slot. Then top slot. 

Step 11

Repeat step 10 with the other side. 

Step 12

Press around edges of tabs on both sides. 

Step 13

Stack 6 circle discs. 

Step 14

Place 6 stack of discs on wire as shown. Prepare to press down. Follow your method choice of wrapping the wire in the next two “Method 1” “Method 2” sections below. 

Step 15 Method 1

Wrap the wire in a hold-spin-hold fashion. Keep wrapping until the wire is used up. 

Step 15 Method 2

Wrap the wire in a hold still manner.  

Step 16

Flatten the tip of the wire by rolling it on the table. 

Step 17

Take out the 6 discs. Do so by gently pulling and pushing one out or so. May need to twist the coil to help loosen a bit.  Reuse the 6 disc for the other 2 wires. Repeat from Steps 15 and 16. 

Step 18

Hold the coil as shown. Critical hold position of thumbs at base where shown in the image. Spread fingers out when pulling while maintaining a straight pull position (don’t tilt). Pull just enough to check if it reaches the length of the base. 

Step 19

Pull end of coil to be almost equal gaps as shown. It don’t need to be perfect. 

Step 20

Gently press the coils straight down as shown (see how it is held) in attempt to make it close to the base length while maintaining almost equal gaps shown in Step 19. It don’t need to be perfect. 

Step 21

Lay out the parts as shown. 

Step 22

Pick up the left E shaft and pinch the ends. Place it back. Then pick up the right E shaft and pinch the ends. Place it back. Then stack from left to right the E shafts. 

Step 23

Position this part as shown. Then pinch the wire as shown. 

Step 24

Slide in this part as shown and pinch as shown. Align with the middle holes. 

Step 25

Find the side of the rectangle hole that faces the widest gap. Insert the 4 stack of E shaft with E facing toward the wide gap. Insert until the first gap is reached as shown.  

Step 26

Slide on the small c-clip until it is fully on. 

Step 27

Position the wire notch in the notch. Grab the part shown and press it on the shaft as shown. Make it a snug fit (press somewhat good to make sure the layers are compact.)

Step 28

Insert as shown. 

Step 29

Place finger on the E shaft as shown. Then slide on the 4 knob discs. 

Step 30

Slide on the C-Clip into the E Shaft gap. Note: the 4 Knob Disks may be somewhat loose. That is fine.
Repeat Steps 21 – 30 for the next two coils. 
If your knob won’t spin, it may be because the coil is too wide and needs to be wound tighter. Also could be because the circle disc with hole is not aligned to the wall properly. 

Step 31

Pinch the tip of the bottom tabs of the divider walls. This will help insert the tabs into the base slot. 

Step 32

Insert both of the divider walls. You can do it without lifting the base. 

Step 33

Bend all 4 tabs of the window frame as shown. 

Step 34

Bend all 4 mini tabs of the window frame as shown. Then straighten them again. 

Step 35

Bend the 4 tab hoops so that when release, it stays at 90 degrees right angle. Press hard and crush the edge if needed via pinching. You can do this while it is on the table.  

Step 36

Place window on frame. Then place two tabs of window frame in the tab hoops. Then bend back the two mini-tabs (one for each tab). 

If needed, while inserting the tabs into the hoops, keep one hand on the frame corner while the other hand goes under the window to move the tab or tab hoop so they can insert properly.   

Step 37

Gently squeeze the sides inward and then let the window fall down. It should rest on the edge of the walls. 
If window needs positioned, slide the window as shown until positioned. 


Step 38

Insert the tabs into the tab hoops. 

Step 39

Bend the mini-tab on each. 

Step 40

Insert your candy bars like shown. 
Congratulations! You now have your own personal candy vending machine!