coin sorter


Clink! $ Clink! $ Clink! Sort my coins! Drop in coins and turn the wheel. Coins will sort itself out into their bins!


Quarters, Dimes, Nickels, and Pennies!


Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

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Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

Not Included

Real Coins nor Physical Decor

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Step 1

Remove the wrapper without lifting while avoiding lifting cardbord. 

Step 2

Using the fingers underneath, press up the parts along the edges while using thumb or other hand to hold in place. 

Step 3

Remove little pieces. Keep all pieces until the entire coin sorter is assembled. The yellow highlight shows what needs removed. There are 3 circles showing but 4 actual (see blue writing on image). 

Step 4

Bend along bend lines as shown. 

Step 5

Bend along bend lines. Press hard. 

Step 6

Bend along bend lines. Make sure to carefully have the tab pop out. Squeeze hard the edge. 

Step 7

Bend along bend line as shown. Squeeze hard as shown. 

Step 8

Reverse bend gradually. 

Step 9

Bend along the bend line. Squeeze as shown. 

Step 10

Take a scrape piece of cardboard and smooth the inner circle until the the circle piece can rotate in it. 

Step 11

Fold over as shown and fold in two flaps while inserting the other flap in as shown. Then fold in tab into slot. 

Step 12

Fold over the flaps into slot. Press down to make sure tabs are in the slot. 

Step 13

Fold in two flaps then bring wall down. 
Then fold over the flap into slot. Press down. Repeat for other flap. 

Step 14

Fold over top flap and press into slots. 

Step 15

Bend as shown and pinch edges of tabs. 

Step 16

Insert the flaps in order as shown. 

Step 17

Grab a piece of scrap cardboard. Crush the edges as shown. 

Step 18

Line up in sequence of parts. 
The E shaft are to be like how it is shown in order (see wavy pattern). 
Gently crush the edges of the top and bottom E shaft. Then insert in order the parts. 

Step 19

Grab a piece of scrap and smooth out the inside of these two circles so when rub finger on it, it do not hurt. 

Step 20

Insert pieces in order. 
Hold onto shaft and pieces and press to reduce space.  

Step 21

Insert into hole and hold in place. Insert parts in order. 

Step 22

Bend accordingly and line up. 

Step 23

Place dividers on with the slanted divider to the left end. 

Step 24

Place on right coin shield as shown followed by the left part. 

Step 25

Bend back a little the cuts and then pinch edge of the 3 tabs. 

Step 26

Insert tabs in order and gradually press down. Make sure the tabs are cleared to slide through slot and that the inside wall is flush to the top base (no gap).

Step 27

Bend at the bend lines. 

Step 28

Fold and insert tab. Press as shown. 
Repeat Steps 27 and 28 for the remainder 3. 

Step 29

Place in the coin bins. 
Test with coins to make sure they fall in bins. If not, go to Step 30.

Step 30

Adjust divider placement and angle until the coins keep falling in correctly. Go to step 31 to check if problems. 

Step 31

Dimes – Penny – Nickel – Quarter

WARNING: Doing this wrong can ruin your coin sorter. Should not need to adjust. 
If the coins do not fall in their hole, adjust the bottom base strip (push down.) If that don’t work, then little by little press with a scrap piece of cardboard the upper edge of that hole until it falls in.

Go to Step 32 if a problem. 

Step 32

If the quarter gets stuck, press the edge as shown. 

Step 33

Rotate back wheel by avoiding using the top of your finger (fingernail airea) to touch the cardboard (can be uncomfortable). 
Alternatively, rotate from the front wheel (not the E-shaft)

Step 34

Add coins and have fun!
(Yes, some coins may fall out of chute, that’s okay!)

Loading too many coins can damage E-Shaft (too much force/weight). Stop rotating if you feel resistance! 

Step Decor

Download and print the decor by clicking “What is” or scroll to the very top area.