Cash Register


Cha-Ching! Imagine owning a business! Cash in. Cash out! Push and pops out the drawer! Push in and out a receipt!


Fake Money Kit


Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

Buy as a Sheet for $1.25

Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

Not Included

Real Money, Calculator, nor Physical Decor

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Step 1

Remove the wrapper along the edge without while avoiding lifting the cardboard. 

Step 2

Remove the bag of rubber bands. 

Step 3

With fingers under along the edge, press up while thumb or hand is on top to remove parts. 

Step 4

Best to use a writing tool to remove the really small pieces. Remove all the small pieces. Save the square piece.  

Step 5

Bend along the edges as shown. 

Step 6

Fold and wrap around flaps with tabs into slots. Press in when necessary. 

Step 7

In order, wave, no wave, wave. Using the square scrap, smooth the edge as shown. 

Step 8

Round the corner as shown. 

Step 9

Insert into slot. 

Step 10

Insert tabs into slots. Pinch corner and slide in as shown into slots. 

Step 11

Bend at bend lines along its edge. 

Step 12

Bend at bend lines along its edge. 

Step 13

Bend flaps as shown. 

Step 14

Bend as shown. Lightly pinch the edge of tab. Insert tab into slot. 

Step 15

With tab to the right, align tabs to the slots and insert. 

Step 16

Prime the holes as shown. Delicate operation. 
Place together and get the other rectangle. Pinch end and insert. Again, delicate operation. 
Then crush edge as shown.  

Step 17

Follow rubber band procedures as shown. 

Step 18

Pinch tab edge. 

Step 19

Make sure the button presses down before folding top over. Hold the button down like shown. Insert tabs part way as shown. Then as squeeze lid into slots, move the button in its hole so the button goes through. Then before going all the way down with the lid, align the left and right tabs next to the button while pressing lid in. The button should be able to push in. 

Step 20

Place on the top cap. 

Step 21

Slide the rubber band in the cuts as shown. Then twist the rubber band into an 8 shape and hook it on the hook. 

Step 21.5

Twist rubber band into 8 shape. Place on while pinching to have rubber band between slot as shown. 

Step 22

Bend along edge as shown. Fold to make square. Insert into square hole. 

Step 23

Bend along edge as shown. 

Step 24

Fold as shown. Insert tabs into slots. 

Step 25

Fold in flap into sides. 

Step 26

Insert square hole into square shaft.

Step 27

Have fun!

Step Decor

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