Candy Fountain


Instead of a soda fountain, what about a CANDY FOUNTAIN! Enjoy 5 different candies filling up your little cup!
Made with FOOD SAFE materials. 


5 Theater Candy Boxes
Ideal for smooth shell and small candies


Allergen: Contains Latex Rubber Bands 
Wrapper is a suffocation hazard. Small parts are a choking hazard. Avoid paper cuts and poking the sharp corners. 

Buy as a Sheet for $1.25

Basically pluck out, fold, and assemble. Decorate optional. No glue nor tape required. 

Not Included

Candy, physical decor, nor mini-cups

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Rubber Band Assembly Methods

M1 Shown above shows rubber bands in front of wall. This method caused some issues and has been discontinued.
M2 Shown above shows rubber bands mostly behind front wall. This will be the end results of your assembly. 

Avoid Damage

Step 1

Cardboard bends. Avoid damage by following instructions. Pluck/punch out parts along edge. Bend at bend lines. The less damage, the better it performs. Some people may find it helpful with the use of a rod like tool for bending, plucking, and edge crushing. Up to you.

Step 2

Carefully rip the wrapper edge while cardboard is on flat surface. Remove wrapper without lifting cardboard. 

Step 3

Remove the rubber bands and place to the side for now.

Step 4

Remove the window and remove its tape. Place to the the side for now.

Step 5

Extract/pluck/punch the cardboard from bottom up without lifting much of the sheet of cardboard. Do this by tracing the inside edge of the part under the cardboard with fingers while the other hand is on the outside edge of the part pushing down. Gently remove part once trace is complete. Place parts to the side when they are ready. Discard sheet after all parts are removed.

Step 6

Remove the small rectangles. Because these are small, you can extract how you want – in or out. Feel free to use a tool of some sort to push them out. See the image with yellow highlights to see the pieces to remove.

Step 7

Bend the ramps at bend lines. 

Step 8

Bend the pushers/button. Pinch tip as shown to help slide through slot.  

Step 9

Bend at bend lines. 3 Bend lines here.

Step 10

Bend at bend lines. 3 Bend lines here. The 3rd bend line is dashed. Reverse bend the dashed line. 

Step 11

Bend at bend line.

Step 12

Bend at double bend lines. Press edge of bend line to tighten bend. Bend close to edge. 

Step 13

Bend at at bend lines. 2 bend lines here. 1st was reverse bend. 2nd bend line, try to bend close to edge.

Step 14

Bend at at bend lines. 4 bend lines here. Bend close to edge as possible for 4th bend line. 

Step 15

Bend at at bend lines. 4 bend lines here. Bend close to edge as possible. The 4th bend line, press edge when bending to make bend a right angle easily. 

Step 16

Bend at at bend lines. 2 bend lines here. The 2nd bend line requires bending mid-air. Make sure the part is off the surface when bending. 

Step 17

Bend at at bend line. Do this mid-air. Then pinch edge. Then pinch edge of other side mid-air. 

Step 18

Insert window with the U slots aligned with the slots as shown. 

Step 19

Follow per instructions. 

Step 20

Follow per instructions. Notice how the part hold is held. Lift part in air as shown. Thumb in edge while holding back wall, pushing toward thumb where slots are. Move thumb in the other alike edges while pressing back so the gap is flushed to wall as shown.

Step 20.5

Fold the 3 tabs and move the body to the side as shown. 

Step 21

Wrap around as shown and click in the two tabs. Press edge down to press two tabs into slots further if necessary. 

Step 22

Wrap around as shown and click in the tab. Press edge down to press two tabs into slot further if necessary. 

Step 23

Fold as shown. 

Step 24

Fold as shown. 

Step 25

Slide the window up to the top and aligned with the U slots. If the window won’t slide up, then pull apart the top window frame a little. 

Step 26

Align the hooks to the right side and pinch bottom tip tab to help insert. Gently squeeze to help hook slide into slot. Make sure bottom tab enters base slot. All 4 walls at the back should be aligned and secured in the slots. The base of each wall needs to also be flush to the base. 
If front or back hook bends upwards, grab the hook straight when inserting into the slot. 

Step 27

With your finger, thumb, or a rod like tool, press the top right surface down to slightly crush the edge to help stop a saw like motion that could cut the rubber band. 

Step 28

With your fingernail or a tool, press the left edge of the small cut so the right edge of the small cut is exposed. 

Step 29

Place the rubber band on the pusher as shown. Let the rubber band hang through the hole ase you line up the button with the slot. Grab the rubber band hoop from the bottom with the other hand. Let the slider on the base and help push it so the button goes through the hole while holding the rubber band hoop with the other hand. 

Step 30

Using your finger, push the hoop up through the next hole while grabbing it with the other hand. Then place the hoop over the tab. Push in rubber band to fall into tab slot. 

Step 31

Lift rubber band and slide it through the large cut. Then place the rubber band to the right edge of the small cut.  
Repeat Step 29, 30, & 31 for the next 3 sliders. 

Step 32

Lift rubber band and place it to the right edge of the small cut, around the button, and hook the rubber band into the slot at the corner as shown.   

Step 33

Wedge the rubber band behind the cut as shown. This is just to keep the rubber band off the button.   

Step 34

Pinch the right edge portion of the ramp. Repeat for all 5 ramps. Place ramp in at angle and then flush the legs to the base between the slider and wall. Wiggle the button to help the ramp fit. Do this for the remainder of the ramps. 

Step 35

Smooth the button by pushing a few times via saw like motion to the left and right edge. If button still won’t come back, proceed to Step M2:10. 

Step 36

If the button comes back out a little, then you might want to tighten the rubber band. If your rubber band is not at the end like this one, pull off the rubber band from the big cut. Then pull out from the small cut and then wedge into big cut. Or just retighten the whole thing again by repeating Steps 29, 30, & 31. Got to Step 37 if button still won’t come out. 

Step 37

If the button doesn’t come out, take ramp out and pinch its legs (both sides completely). Place back in. 

Step 38

Close the lid while keeping the two tabs in. Gently pull the front wall to allow the front of the lid to wedge behind the top of the front wall. If the lid is not flush, then that can mean that the inside walls are not flush (needs pushed down properly). 
Congratulations! Fill it up and enjoy your own Candy Fountain!