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Why waste money on expensive toys and other things that loose their excitement within days? Short term excitement is not supposed to break the bank! These creations are designed to be cheap and fun to use. They are not designed to last 10 years, so don’t worry, just throw it away (and it is more environmental friendly)!
Time for a new adventure of fun! Great way for bonding with friends and family. Get one today!

GoCardboard is a Christian Valued business. 



GoCardboard was created by the original creator of the 5 Slot Candy Dispenser from YouTube under the name of Goober. Shortly after, another youtube channel modified it and garnered nearly 200 million views.  During the fad and boom of the DIY cardboard creations, many videos garnered millions of views. 

That was 2017. The idea of creating a business to cater the millions of DIY cardboard fans didn’t seem so catchy. Because, who wants to buy cardboard that is basically free? That was the thought. Fast forward in 2020, Goober creator realized there still wasn’t a simple solution to cater the millions of fans. 

Let’s try it! What do the fans get? They save time from needing to find cardboard, measuring, cutting, gluing, and finding necessary components because GoCardboard creations remove the need for all of that simply through buying a kit. Just pluck out, fold, and assemble. Simple as following instructions.